Question: Can Dual SIM Phones Receive Calls Same Time?

How can I tell if a phone has a dual SIM?

There are three possible ways to check whether your device supports dual SIM cards or not.

Dial *#06# ; if the Smartphone supports dual SIM, then there will be 2 IMEI numbers; if not, then there will only be 1 IMEI number.

Tap Apps > Settings to check whether there is an item called “SIM card manager”..

Are all dual SIM phones unlocked?

You’re not locked to a network. Dual SIM phones aren’t locked to a specific network which means you are free to sign up to any network provider you like. Therefore, you’re free to use a travel SIM or local SIM when you travel internationally without having to worry about unlocking your phone or buying new one.

Are dual SIM phones any good?

Having two SIM cards just gives you more flexibility, and can help you save money too. And since nowadays a dual SIM phone can have all the same features as a regular smartphone and looks and feels just the same, there are no huge disadvantages to going dual SIM.

How does dual SIM work WhatsApp?

To run two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, you will need to have a dual-SIM phone. This is because, WhatsApp uses the phone number to as your identity and it detects your identity via a call or SMS.

Which dual SIM phone supports 4g LTE in both SIMs at the same time?

Hi, Redmi Note 5 Pro, with an update to Oreo (Android 8.1) provided an option to use both of it’s SIM card slots with 4G VoLTE simultaneously. This will be the first ever mobile handset to have such feature embedded. The following image from XDA Android developers forum confirms this.

How can you tell if someone is busy on another call?

Dial 114. Follow the voice prompts. Dial the telephone number you want to verify. The computer will check if that line is busy on another call, and let you know.

What is the point of a dual SIM phone?

Dual SIM phones allow users to keep separate contact lists on each SIM, and allow easier roaming by being able to access a foreign network while keeping the existing local card. Vendors of foreign SIMs for travel often promote dual-SIM operation, with a home country and local SIM in the same handset.

What happen when we call from sim1 to sim2 on a dual SIM mobile?

If it’s a dual standby device then only 1 call can be opened at a time, placing the other network in standby, hence unavailable. If it’s a dual active device then calls can be made and placed in hold on separate lines, but they can’t be joined unless the device can handle it.

What is dual SIM mode?

Dual SIM Dual Active – this implementation allows you to make phone calls from both of the SIM cards inside your smartphone. It can also receive calls on either of the two SIM cards, at the same time. … Dual SIM Dual Standby lets your smartphone have two active SIM cards, and they both use only one radio transceiver.

How can I use two WhatsApp in dual SIM phone?

Now, how to use Dual WhatsApp feature on your smartphone.Open the dual apps settings option on your smartphone.Select the app you want to duplicate (in this case select WhatsApp)Wait for the process to finish.Now, head to the home screen and tap on the second WhatsApp logo you see in your app launcher.More items…•

What is the difference between sim1 and sim2?

The exact support for each SIM slot depends on the phone but in most cases: SIM #1 supports all features of the network (2G/3G/4G/data) SIM #2 can be used only to make or receive voice calls, in many cases 2G only.

How does a dual SIM card phone work?

A Dual SIM card phone is a phone with two SIM cards. Each SIM card gives you a phone number and a connection to the phone network. It can hold two numbers and two identities at once. You can make or receive calls and send or receive texts on either number and you can give each number only to the people that you chose.

How do I receive calls on a dual SIM phone?

You can receive calls and messages to both SIM cards. Before you can use the SIM cards, you have to enable them in the Dual SIM settings menu….Make sure you have inserted both SIM cards.Find and tap Settings → Network & Internet → Advanced → Dual SIM.Drag the sliders beside SIM1 and SIM2 to the right.

What is the disadvantages of dual SIM mobile phones?

One of the biggest disadvantages of it is the battery life. Having two SIM cards means burning more battery power. This is why these mobile phones are needed to be charged almost regularly. Many users of mobile phones with two SIM have complaint that they face network problems.

How do I display incoming calls on my screen?

Tip: Alternatively, tap and hold on the Phone app on the home screen and select App info from the menu. Then tap on Notifications. Step 3: Tap on Incoming calls. Make sure Show notification toggle is enabled.