Question: Is Well Educated Hyphenated?

Is well qualified hyphenated?

The word “well” in this hyphen-free phrase is an adjective, as in “He is a well man.” In contrast, the word “well” is an adverb in the hyphenated modifier “well-qualified”.

In other words, “well” is modifying the word “qualified”, which on its own acts as an adjective, as in “qualified participants”..

Is well worded hyphenated?

The ‘well’ qualifies the ‘written’. Together, they qualify the book. When used as an adjective before a noun, use “well-written,” as in, “That is a well-written book.” When used as a predicate adjective, there’s no hyphen, as in, “That book is “well written.”

Is well mannered hyphenated?

Hyphenated adjectival compounds that appear in Webster (such as well-read or ill-humored) may be spelled without a hyphen when they follow a noun. (To avoid repeated “either–or” suggestions, the comments in 7.90 generally recommend hyphenation only before a noun). quote: He is a well-mannered boy.

Is well designed hyphenated?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes well designed has a hyphen, and yet other times you’ve seen it without one? Here’s the rule: Hyphenate a compound adjective when it precedes the word it modifies. The engine was well designed.

Is well founded hyphenated?

Your Vocabulary Building & Communication Training Center Tips: When something is well-founded, it is based on facts or solid evidence. Used after a verb, it is not hyphenated. See usage examples.