Question: What Does Version Mean?

What is Android 9 called?

Android PieAndroid Pie (codenamed Android P during development) is the ninth major release and the 16th version of the Android mobile operating system..

What is the opposite of version?

What is the opposite of version?suppressionbangaginjunctioninterdictionprohibition

What is another word for style?

What is another word for style?mannerapproachfashionmethodwaymethodologysystemtechniqueformmode213 more rows

What do u mean by version?

A version of something is a particular form of it in which some details are different from earlier or later forms. … Someone’s version of an event is their own description of it, especially when it is different to other people’s.

How do you use version in a sentence?

Version sentence examplesDonnie won the first game with “cant” which Dean questioned, unsuccessfully, assuming the boy meant the more common version, “can’t,” which was unacceptable. … It’s their version of a cat! … One human is nothing to him in his version of the big picture, Sasha continued. … I’d like to know which version is true.More items…

What’s another word for version?

What is another word for version?accountreadinganalysischroniclerenderingunderstandingcharacterizationdepictionexplanationrepresentation148 more rows

What are versions?

Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope. Software versioning is a way to categorize the unique states of computer software as it is developed and released. The version identifier is usually a word, a number, or both. For example, version 1.0 is commonly used to denote the initial release of a program.

What does eventually mean?

e·ven·tu·al·ly. Use eventually in a sentence. adverb. Eventually is defined as at an undetermined time in the future. An example of eventually is the adverb phrase “eventually have children,” which means that at some point they’d like to have children.

What is a version of a story?

When people have different ideas or experience events differently, you say that they have different “versions” of an idea or story. Each person who experiences something has their own “version” of the event.

What is major version and minor version?

The leftmost number (1) is called the major version. The middle number (2) is called the minor version. The rightmost number (3) is called the revision but it may also be referred to as a “point release” or “subminor version”.

What is chronicle mean?

To chronicle something is to describe past or current events. … Chronicle is related to chronological and comes from the Greek ta khronika, which means “annals of time.” Events are usually chronicled in the order in which they occurred.

What is the meaning of version girl?

n a male theatrical performer who acts as a woman. female suffrage. n (Chiefly U.S) another name for → women’s suffrage.

What is another word for account given in a particular way?

What is another word for account?storynarrativedescriptionnarrationchroniclereportstatementversiontalerecital193 more rows

What does kind mean?

adjective, kind·er, kind·est. of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person: a kind and loving person. having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence: kind words. indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane (often followed by to): to be kind to animals. mild; gentle; clement: kind weather.

What does Verson mean?

A version is a specific edition or form of something. Version derives from the Latin vertere, “to turn.” Think of it as someone taking a turn, as in an adaptation of a work of art or literature.