Question: What Is Hans Vestberg Salary?

Who is the CEO of Verizon?

Hans Vestberg (Aug 1, 2018–)Verizon Communications/CEOHans Vestberg is chairman and chief executive officer of Verizon Communications, a leading provider of wireless, fiber-optic and global Internet….

Who owns Verizon now?

It was founded in 2000 as a joint venture of American telecommunications firm Bell Atlantic, which would soon become Verizon Communications, and British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone. Verizon Communications became the sole owner in 2014 after buying Vodafone’s 45-percent stake in the company.

Who founded Verizon?

Verizon CommunicationsVodafone Group PlcCellco Partnership, Inc./Founders

Where does Hans Vestberg live?

Born in Hudiksvall, Sweden, Hans earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He is married with two children and is fluent in Swedish, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He and his family live in New Jersey.

What is the salary of CEO of Google?

$2 million per yearSundar Pichai is in for a huge payday. The CEO of Google and Alphabet will now receive a cash salary of $2 million per year, according to a December 17 Securities and Exchange Commission filing that CNBC’s Steve Kopack reported.

Is Hans Vestberg married?

Vestberg is married and has two children. Vestberg is fluent in Swedish, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

How much does Hans Vestberg make?

Hans Vestberg, Verizon Communications The $22.2 million he received in 2018 breaks down to $1.2 million in base salary and $21 million in stock awards.

How much do Verizon executives make?

Compensation by CompanyName And TitleTotal CashHans Vestberg Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerTotal Cash $5,625,000Ronan Dunne Executive Vice President and Group CEO – Verizon ConsumerTotal Cash $2,650,000K. Guru Gowrappan Executive Vice President and Group CEO – Verizon MediaTotal Cash $2,252,5002 more rows

Is it hard to become a CEO?

In order to become a CEO, you’re going to have to learn to stand out. … They found that it takes the average CEO 24 years to become head honcho but that some people — who they refer to as “CEO sprinters” — do it even faster.

How much do network executives make?

Top Network Service Executive SalaryPercentileSalaryLocation25th Percentile Top Network Service Executive Salary$181,501US50th Percentile Top Network Service Executive Salary$224,192US75th Percentile Top Network Service Executive Salary$268,457US90th Percentile Top Network Service Executive Salary$308,758US1 more row

How much money is Verizon worth?

Verizon’s shares traded at over $45 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$229.1 billion in October 2018. As of 2018, Verizon is ranked No. 16 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

What is Hans Vestberg net worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Hans Erik Vestberg is at least $25.7 Million dollars as of 4 May 2020. Mr. Vestberg owns over 74,669 units of Verizon Communications stock worth over $7,624,662 and over the last 3 years he sold VZ stock worth over $0.

Who is the highest paid CEO?

David M. ZaslavThe highest paid CEO in 2018 was David M. Zaslav of entertainment network Discovery, Inc. Zaslav was paid $129.4 million, a sharp increase from his $42.2 million in 2017.

Who got highest salary in world?

Cristiano Ronaldo2017 listRankNameTotal1Cristiano Ronaldo$93 million2LeBron James$86.2 million3Lionel Messi$80 million4Roger Federer$64 million6 more rows

Who is highest paid actor in world?

Forbes list of the world’s best-paid male actors 2019Dwayne Johnson – $89.4m (£73.6m)Chris Hemsworth – $76.4m (£62.9m)Robert Downey Jr – $66m (£54.4m)Akshay Kumar – $65m (£53.5m)Jackie Chan – $58m (£47.8m)Bradley Cooper – $57m (£46.9m)Adam Sandler – $57m (£46.9m)Chris Evans – $43m (£35.4m)More items…