Question: What’S A Word For Feeling Empty?

How do you describe empty?



containing nothing.blank.


not containing any sound, pictures, or information.bare.


containing nothing.hollow.


empty inside.abandoned.


left empty or no longer used.deserted.


a deserted place has no people in it.derelict.



adjective.More items….

What is the synonyms for vacant?

vacant1’a vacant house’ SYNONYMS. empty, unoccupied, unfilled, free, available, not in use, unused, unengaged, uninhabited, untenanted, tenantless, to let, for sale, on the market, abandoned, deserted. … 2’an oddly vacant look had come over her features’ SYNONYMS. … 3’he continued to look vacant’

What is the synonym and antonym of empty?

blank, leisure, unemployed, unfilled, unoccupied, untenanted, vacant, vacuous, void, waste. Antonyms: brimful, brimmed, brimming, busy, crammed, crowded, filled, full, gorged, inhabited, jammed, occupied, overflowing, packed, replete.

How would you describe empty space?

“I went out looking for a yuzu tree for a conveniently empty space in my garden.”…What is another word for empty space?abysscavityspacevacuumvoidgapblankvacuityvacancyblankness72 more rows

What is the antonym of pleasure?

pleasure(noun) Antonyms: displeasure, pain. Synonyms: gratification, gladness, want, wish, fancy, discretion, delight, indulgence, happiness, joy, satisfaction, will, desire.

Whats the opposite of vacant?

vacant. Antonyms: full, replenished, business, employed, engaged, occupied, filled, thoughtful. Synonyms: empty, leisure, unemployed, unencumbered, unoccupied, void, unfilled, mindless, exhausted.

What does the word emptiness mean?

the state of containing nothingemptiness – the state of containing nothing. condition, status – a state at a particular time; “a condition (or state) of disrepair”; “the current status of the arms negotiations” blankness – the state of being blank; void; emptiness. hollowness – the state of being hollow: having an empty space within.

What is another word for strong feelings?

Feeling or expressing strong emotions – thesaurusemotional. adjective. affected by and expressing strong emotion, especially sadness or anger.passionate. adjective. … ardent. adjective. … impassioned. adjective. … tempestuous. adjective. … intense. adjective. … soulful. adjective. … histrionic. adjective.More items…

What is the antonym of feeling?

What is the opposite of feeling?insensitivitycallousnesshatehatredinhumanityinhumannessinsensitivenessunconsciousnessunfeelingnesscoldheartedness36 more rows

How many words are in empty?

15 wordsEmpty is a 5 letter medium Word starting with E and ending with Y. Below are Total 15 words made out of this word.

What is the word for feeling empty?

1 bare, blank, clear, deserted, desolate, destitute, hollow, unfurnished, uninhabited, unoccupied, untenanted, vacant, void, waste.

What is the nearest in meaning of vacant?

Some common synonyms of vacant are blank, empty, vacuous, and void. While all these words mean “lacking contents which could or should be present,” vacant suggests an absence of appropriate contents or occupants.

What does vast emptiness mean?

1The state of containing nothing. ‘the vast emptiness of space’ ‘On my left, there are several yards of emptiness, then trees. ‘

What is another word for feelings?

Feeling Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for feeling?emotionsentimentreactionsensibilityaffectionresponsesensationsensitivityaffectivitysusceptibility129 more rows

What is a word for knowing what you want?

According to the Free Dictionary, the word you are looking for is autology.

What are things that are empty?

Here is a list of things that I empty.the bin.the bags.inbox.fuel tank.dryer.bags in general.letter box.More items…•

How do you use emptiness in a sentence?

Emptiness sentence examplesIt did little to fill the emptiness within her. … From the alighting board, instead of the former spirituous fragrant smell of honey and venom, and the warm whiffs of crowded life, comes an odor of emptiness and decay mingling with the smell of honey. … It is emptiness, the void where the universe evolved from.More items…