Question: Why Did Johnny Carry A Switchblade?

What does the Switchblade represent in the outsiders?

Two-Bit’s switchblade is his most prized possession and, in several ways, represents the disregard for authority for which greasers traditionally pride themselves.

First of all, the blade is stolen.

Second, it represents a sense of the individual power that comes with the potential to commit violence..

Why can’t Cherry come visit Johnny?

She speaks to both Pony and Two-Bit and assures them that the Socs are going to follow the rules — no weapons. Pony asks her whether she is going to visit Johnny in the hospital, but she says that she just can’t because Johnny had killed her boyfriend.

Why is Darry such an angry person?

In the S. E. Hinton novel, The Outsiders, Darry has several reasons to be angry. Never mind the grief he must suffer over the death of his parents, but now he finds himself a father to two younger brothers who need a father figure, but might not want to submit to his authority in that respect.

Who is the biggest hero in the outsiders?

Ponyboy CurtisPonyboy Curtis is the protagonist of The Outsiders. He is also the novel’s narrator, which means that he shares his story of maturation from his own perspective. Ponyboy’s struggle to reconcile his social class standing and gang membership with his individuality guides the entire novel.

Who kills dally?

In this book, Dallas dies by being shot by a whole bunch of police officers. He has robbed a grocery store and the police are chasing him. He has a gun (which is probably not loaded) and he points it at the police. At that point, they shoot him.

Which Greaser is the toughest wildest and most dangerous?

One of the most dangerous greasers introduced is Dallas Winston, also known as Dally. Dally is considered one of the most notorious and dangerous greasers because of his past. He is known for his cold demeanor, his eyes being described as “blue, blazing ice, cold with a hatred of the whole world” (Hinton 10).

How did Bob get stabbed?

Johnny explains that he stabbed Bob in self-defense; the Socs were drowning Ponyboy and preparing to beat Johnny up like they did before. When Bob went down, all the other Socs ran. … Johnny says that he and Ponyboy have to get out of town.

What did Johnny carry with him and why?

And Johnny, who was the most law-abiding of us, now carried in his back pocket a six-inch switchblade. He’d use it, too, if he ever got jumped again. They had scared him that much. He would kill the next person who jumped him.”

Who died in outsiders?

Dallas Winston, greaser and hood, dies when he is shot by the police. His death is likely a suicide of sorts. After Johnny dies, Dally is overwhelmed with grief and anger. He goes on a rampage to cope (or to avoid coping) with his grief, and while Dally is robbing a grocery store, the police arrive.

Who has a switchblade in the outsiders?

Ponyboy shares that Two-Bit is “famous for shoplifting and his black-handled switchblade.”

What does two bit say keeps Darry from being a SOC?

Expert Answers info When, in Chapter 8 of S. E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, Two-Bit Mathews tells Ponyboy, “You know, the only thing that keeps Darry from bein’ a Soc is us,” he is referring to Ponyboy’s oldest brother Darryl being more mature, more disciplined, and more responsible than the rest of the Greasers.

What is so special about Johnny in the outsiders?

Johnny is special because he is unselfish and loving. He has risked his life for both Ponyboy and the children who are caught in the fire.

Why does Cherry say she could fall in love with dally?

In Chapter 3, Cherry Valance says that she could fall in love with Dallas Winston. Despite the fact that Cherry is a Soc from an affluent family and Dally is a poor Greaser, Cherry is attracted to him. … Cherry is obviously attracted to bad boys and admires Dally’s outlook on life.

Who is the biggest outsider of them all?

Ponyboy is an outsider because he doesn’t really fit in to either group in town. While he is technically a Greaser, his intelligence and sensitivity mark him as an outsider in that group. His association with the Greasers, and his economic and family circumstances make him an outsider at school with the Socs.

What are Johnny’s personality traits in the outsiders?

Similar to Ponyboy, Johnny is rather passive and insightful. Although he does not excel in school, Johnny proves that he is intelligent and astute while Ponyboy reads to him at the abandoned church on Jay Mountain. He is also a sympathetic, sensitive boy who genuinely cares about his group of friends.

Who gave Johnny the Switchblade?

The answer to this is that Dally (Dallas Winston) asks to borrow Two-bit’s switchblade. This happens in Chapter 8 of the book. Dally is in the hospital recovering from his injuries that he got when the church burned down. Two-bit really doesn’t want to give it to him, because the knife is Two-bit’s pride and joy.

Why does Darry slap ponyboy?

Before leaving, Cherry tells Ponyboy that she hopes she won’t see Dally again, because she thinks she could fall in love with him. Ponyboy walks home and finds Darry furious with him for staying out so late. In the ensuing argument, Darry slaps Ponyboy. … He feels sure now that Darry does not want him around.

What is Johnny’s nickname in the outsiders?

Johnny Cade is “the gang’s pet.” The novel describes Johnny as a “lost puppy” and a “puppy that has been kicked too many times.” He is only 16 years old, but has already been beaten down by the cruelty of life.