Quick Answer: How Can I Get Zee5 Subscription?

How many devices can use zee5?

5 devicesYou can watch ZEE5 on up to 5 devices at a time with an All Access subscription, and up to 2 devices at a time with a Club subscription.

Certain ZEE5 subscriptions, like those obtained through Vodafone / Idea, enable users to register and watch on up to 2 devices at a time..

Is zee5 free in USA?

Yes, ZEE5 offers free to watch content that you can stream without signing-up. However, if you are residing in a country where the service is not available yet such as USA, you will require a VPN to watch the content by changing your local IP with Indian IP address.

How can I activate free zee5 on Vodafone?

How To Avail The Offer:Watch the video on how to avail or offer or follow the steps below. … On the app/website, register with your Vodafone / Idea number to activate ‘Vodafone Play’ or ‘Idea Movies & TV App’Click on any ZEE5 videos to claim and activate your ZEE5 Vodafone Idea complementary subscription.More items…

Is Netflix free on Airtel?

The Airtel offer to give free Netflix access is available on postpaid plans priced Rs. 499 and above. This means users on the plans priced Rs.

Is zee5 safe?

A lot of financial transactions take place on our phones today. This means that the data on our phones becomes highly confidential and private. This information is highly vulnerable when you download files and apps from untrustworthy sources by sharing your ZEE5 password.

How can I get free zee5 subscription?

Airtel users: How to activate Zee5 premium for free Download the Airtel App from Google Play Store or Apple app store. After downloading, login using your mobile number. Click on ‘discover airtel thanks’ on the app home screen.More items…•

Does zee5 need subscription?

ZEE5 offers both free and premium content for users. To view the free content, you need not register with the service. For a premium experience, you need to sign up for the paid subscription service. The ZEE5 premium subscription cost is Rs.

How can I check my zee5 subscription?

To check the Auto Renewal status of your Subscription on the Android app, follow the steps below:Tap “More” on the bottom right corner of the screen.Tap “My Subscription”Refer to the “Auto Renewal” field to check the auto renewal status of your subscription.

Is zee5 free for Vodafone?

ZEE5 is available for free on the telco’s Vodafone Play app. Not only do consumers get to enjoy Vodafone’s strong network, but they also have access to an array of exciting content offerings, thanks to ZEE5.

How do I subscribe to zee5?

Visit Zee5 website or app to redeem the offer. Enter the code on ‘ZEE5 platform’ on the website or in ‘Buy ZEE5 Subscription’ in the app.

Is Amazon Prime free for Airtel?

As long as you are on Airtel monthly postpaid Infinity plan of Rs. 499 or above, the first 12 months of your Amazon Prime membership is included in your plan and you do not need to pay anything additional. Same applies to Airtel V-Fiber Broadband customers.

Is zee5 free with Airtel?

Airtel Users can now recharge with Rs. 289 prepaid plan to get free ZEE5 premium subscription for 28 days along with 1.5GB/day and unlimited calling. … Recharge with Rs 289 prepaid plan and get your free ZEE5 premium subscription to get started with unlimited entertainment!

Can I watch zee5 on TV?

You can watch ZEE5 on your television either by using a SMART TV, a Streaming Media Device or a Set Top Box. … Click “Continue” on your TV screen to start enjoying ZEE5!

Is zee5 any good?

The ZEE5 app can be customized as per a user’s preferred app language, and also offers a rich experience as video streaming is available in HD quality. … Users have the choice to binge watch from over 1,00,000+ hours of TV shows along with 500 series from as many as 8 Indian languages.