Quick Answer: How Do I Use Jio Disney Hotstar?

How do I use my Disney plus free Hotstar?

In addition to these plans, you can also get Disney Plus Hotstar VIP on Jio’s data add-on packs priced at Rs 612, Rs 1,004, and Rs 1,206.

Once you recharge your prepaid Jio number with any of the aforementioned plans, you’ll get the one year Disney Plus Hotstar membership for free..

Is Disney+ Hotstar worth it?

This plan used to cost ₹365 ($2.85), and the minor increase in cost is well worth access to all the new Disney content. If you want to stream Disney+ originals and access international TV shows from the likes of HBO, Showtime, and Fox, you’ll want to subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Why is Hotstar not free?

First of all Download the Hotstar and login because sometimes you download the app just before the tournament than you have to subscribe and paid subscription for it but if you already on hotstar then they offer free service for existing user. … Hint is that you have to download both app and try it that not a big deal.

How many devices can use Hotstar premium?

5 devicesAround 5 devices can be used on a single Hotstar account as per reports. But, when it comes to Hotstar premium subscription for a long time whenever a user wanted to stream premium content on more than one device an error saying “Sorry more than one premium video is being requested from this account.

Is Hotstar VIP ad free?

What is Hotstar VIP subscription? The Hotstar VIP subscription is for Rs 365 per annum that offers an ad-free content viewing experience along with access to certain movies and shows that are not free.

How can I watch Hotstar on my TV?

As I told you earlier, Hotstar was launched as web, android & ios mobile app….Lets talk first How to watch Hotstar with mobile and smart TV.Turn on your Hotspot. … Open your setting and click on Cast button. … Start watching Hotstar on your TV.More items…

Is Hotstar a free app?

The Hotstar app is available for download on Android and Android TV, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. … Yes, the Hotstar app is free on all platforms, including Android.

How do I activate Disney Hotstar on Jio?

Pick one of the following prepaid recharge options from Jio: Rs 401 plan, Rs 2,599 yearly plan, Rs 612 data voucher, or Rs 1208 data voucher. Once you have completed the recharge process, you will be able to activate the free one-year subscription of Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

Is Hotstar Disney free for Jio?

Jio has announced to offer 1-year free complimentary Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership to its prepaid users. However, not all Jio users are eligible to get the benefits of this offer.

Open up JioTV app and tap on any Star TV channel or program. You will be then redirected to Google Play store/ iTunes to download the latest Hotstar app. If you are an existing user then you are provided with an option to upgrade or reinstall the Hotstar app. On upgrading, you will ask to connect with your Jio account.

How can I watch Hotstar VIP for free?

Free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription with Flipkart PlusFirst, you need to have Flipkart Plus Membership. … Now open your Flipkart App and go to the Reward Store.Unlock the Hotstar VIP Subscription using 399 Super coins.You will receive a Hotstar VIP coupon from Flipkart on your registered mobile number and email id.More items…

Why Disney+ Hotstar is not working?

First, uninstall the app from your Android or iOS smartphone and then go to the App Store or Play Store to install the app. After installing, check if the app is working properly or not. If the Disney+ Hotstar still does not work, then allow the company to fix the internal problem.

How can I watch Disney Hotstar on TV?

Managing Your AccountOpen Disney+ Hotstar app on your smart TV.Go to My Account or try to play any paid content.You will be shown a code.Now visit www.hotstar.com/activate via your phone or laptop.Login to your Disney+ Hotstar account.Enter the code shown on TV.

What is Hotstar VIP plan?

The Hotstar Premium Plan is the more expensive one and gives you access to all the content on Hotstar including Hollywood Content. The VIP plan, on the other hand, is much cheaper at almost one-third of the Premium Plan and gives you access to all the sports content and other Indian content only (TV shows and movies).

Is Hotstar VIP free for Airtel users?

Hotstar? s rich content library comprising over 100,000 hours of content, in 9 languages comprising live sports and the best of Indian cinema and TV shows from channels across the Star network will now be available to all Airtel customers for free through the Airtel TV app.

Is Hotstar premium worth?

According to me, I think now it’s worth taking a Hotstar package for your smart tv. Now Hotstar also includes Disney plus. Hotstar has two packages premium and VIP both with Disney Plus. On Hotstar we can watch movies, news and tv show Indian & English.