Quick Answer: What Is Meant By Time Scale Of Pay?

What is scale of pay in govt jobs?

Pay scale for Army and Defence PersonnelRankPay scaleGrade payLieutenantRs.

15,600 – Rs.



15,600 – Rs.



15,600 – Rs.


6,600LT ColonelRs.

37,400 – Rs.


8,0003 more rows.

What era do we live in 2020?

Holocene eraThe present year, 2020, can be transformed into a Holocene year by adding the digit “1” before it, making it 12,020 HE. Years BC/BCE are converted by subtracting the BC/BCE year number from 10,001. Beginning of the Meghalayan age, the current and latest of the three stages in the Holocene era.

What is today’s era called?

Currently, we’re in the Phanerozoic eon, Cenozoic era, Quaternary period, Holocene epoch and (as mentioned) the Meghalayan age. The IUGS shared an image of the newly named ages in a tweet.

What era is Japan in now?

ReiwaThe current era is Reiwa (令和), which began on 1 May 2019, following the 31st (and final) year of the Heisei era (平成31年).

What does substantive salary mean?

(g) SUBSTANTIVE PAY: Substantive pay means pay, other than special pay or personal pay or any other emoluments classed as pay to which a Government servant is entitled in respect of a post to which he is appointed substantively or by reasons of his substantive position in a cadre.

What are the 4 eons?

Eons. The eon is the broadest category of geological time. Earth’s history is characterized by four eons; in order from oldest to youngest, these are the Hadeon, Archean, Proterozoic, and Phanerozoic.

What is difference between basic pay and grade pay?

Basic pay is the minimum sum of earnings that an employee stands to receive. Government employees, apart from basic pay, also receive grade pay, which is calculated depending on the category or class of the employee. The total of basic pay and grade pay is used in assessing dearness and other allowances.

Does substantive mean permanent?

Having a real or permanent, rather than apparent or temporary, existence.

What is pay scale with example?

Examples of pay scales include U.S. uniformed services pay grades, the salary grades by which United States military personnel are paid, and the General Schedule, the salary grades by which United States white-collar civil service personnel are paid.

What is the time scale?

: an arrangement of events used as a measure of the relative or absolute duration or antiquity of a period of history or geologic or cosmic time.

What is the pay fixation?

Pay Fixation method “Pay in the Pay Band will be fixed by adding the Basic Pay applicable on the later date, the Dearness Pay applicable on that date and the pre-revised Dearness allowance based on rates applicable as on 01.01.

Which era do we live in?

Scientists have just assigned three new ages to the Holocene, which is the current epoch in which we live. They’re calling this most recent age the Meghalayan, which began 4,200 years ago during a worldwide megadrought. The Holocene commenced 11,700 years ago after the end of the last ice age.

What is a substantive example?

sub·stan·tive. Use substantive in a sentence. adjective. The definition of substantive is something that is substantial and based in fact. An example of a substantive argument is one that can be backed up with research and that is based on real facts.

How can I calculate my salary?

Calculating an Annual Salary from an Hourly Wage Multiply the number of hours you work per week by your hourly wage. Multiply that number by 52 (the number of weeks in a year). If you make $20 an hour and work 37.5 hours per week, your annual salary is $20 x 37.5 x 52, or $39,000.

How do you read a pay scale?

Government employees’ gross salary is sum of different components.Basic Pay. … Basic pay is written in format:Number1 – percent – number2.Number1 – It is the basic pay at which your salary is calculated when you are appointed.Number2 – It is the maximum basic pay a person can receive in a designated post.More items…