Quick Answer: What’S The Meaning Of Integral?

Is integral or integral?


integral (comparative more integral, superlative most integral) Constituting a whole together with other parts or factors; not omittable or removable quotations ▼ Synonyms: immanent, inherent, necessary; see also Thesaurus:intrinsic.

(mathematics) Of, pertaining to, or being an integer..

What is the integral part of a number?

The integer part, or integral part of a decimal number is the part to the left of the decimal separator. The part from the decimal separator to the right is the fractional part.

What is the meaning of integral multiple?

The multiple integral is a definite integral of a function of more than one real variable, for instance, f(x, y) or f(x, y, z). Integrals of a function of two variables over a region in R2 are called double integrals, and integrals of a function of three variables over a region of R3 are called triple integrals.

How do you use integral in a sentence?

Integral sentence examplesIt might be trivial, but it was an integral part of their marriage. … He was therefore compelled to make excisions from his narrative and to accept as integral parts of his work passages interpolated by the censors. … This is the binomial theorem for a positive integral index.More items…

Is an integral part of?

Something that is integral is very important or necessary. If you are an integral part of the team, it means that the team cannot function without you. An integral part is necessary to complete the whole. In this sense, the word essential is a near synonym.

What is integral used for?

Integrals can be used for computing the area of a two-dimensional region that has a curved boundary, as well as computing the volume of a three-dimensional object that has a curved boundary. The area of a two-dimensional region can be calculated using the aforementioned definite integral.

What is the means of integral?

adjective. of, relating to, or belonging as a part of the whole; constituent or component: integral parts. necessary to the completeness of the whole: This point is integral to his plan. consisting or composed of parts that together constitute a whole.

What is the opposite of Integral?

What is the opposite of integral?inessentialunnecessarynonessentialunessentialunneededincidentalperipheralunimportantaccessoryfractional48 more rows

What is another word for success?

What is another word for success?achievementaccomplishmentconsummationeminencefruitionprogressadvancearrivalbenefitéclat144 more rows

Can an integral have 2 answers?

On the other hand, there are no cases in which an integral actually has two different solutions; they can only “look” different. For example, x+c and x2+c cannot both be solutions to the same integral, because x and x2 don’t differ by a constant.

Can people integral?

When someone becomes an ‘integral person’, their integrity has come about through a ‘learning process by which intellectual, moral and ethical standards are created. ‘ In Kolb’s view, the ‘pinnacle of development is integrity.

What was the primary reaction of undergraduates to a partner who says I love you?

The primary reaction of undergraduates when a partner says “I love you” is “me too”. … This term is used to describe feeling positive about one’s partner being emotionally involved with someone else and having sex with that person.

What is the meaning of integral values?

An integral value is the area or volume under or above a given mathematical function given by an equation. … It can be two dimensional or three dimensional. The Greatest Integer Function is defined as. ⌊x⌋=the largest integer that is less than or equal to x.

What is another word for Integral?

What is another word for integral?essentialkeynecessarybasiccrucialfundamentalindispensablemajorrequisitesignificant230 more rows

Which is an integral part of our life?

Answer: ‘Music is an integral part of our life’ – Explain. Explanation: Music is an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions.

What is the meaning of integral love?

In an Integral Love Relationship, (1) equal and opposite partners with a (2) shared Biological and Transcendental Purpose and the (3) same rights and responsibilities in the domestic and public sphere love each other, and even more so that which is uniquely co-created between them, in (4) all four quadrants at (5) the …

Who discovered the fundamental theorem of calculus?

Sir Isaac NewtonThis relationship was discovered and explored by both Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (among others) during the late 1600s and early 1700s, and it is codified in what we now call the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, which has two parts that we examine in this section.

How do you say integral correctly?

A2A.There are mainly two pronunciations of the word “integral”. … Here is how to pronounce the word “integral” in more than one way (with change of stress or accent on the first or second syllable), using the phonetic alphabet:/ˈɪntɪɡrəl/ – /ɪnˈteɡrəl/ (also nonstandard ˈin-trə-gəl \)More items…