Quick Answer: Who Has The Best Price On Fitbits?

Is there a new Fitbit coming out 2020?

ETA: 25 Sept 2020 Fitbit also announced a new version of its Fitbit Versa smartwatch, with a few important upgrades, and crucially, the same price.

The new Versa 3 smartwatch adds GPS, which is something we’ve called for since the first version.

It gets a larger AMOLED display than its predecessor..

What is the best fitbit for seniors?

The Fitbit Versa Lite presents the best version of Fitbit’s flagship smartwatch for seniors. Its pared-down design presents all the intricacy of the Fitbit Versa, but with less confusion.

Who has the best price on fitbit versa?

The best deals on the Fitbit Versa Special EditionFitbit Versa Special Edition… Amazon. Prime. $189. View Deal.Reduced Price. Fitbit – Versa 2 Special… Dell. $229.95. $199.95. View Deal.Fitbit – Versa 2 Special… Best Buy. $199.95. View Deal.Fitbit Versa 2 Health &… Adorama. $199.95. View Deal.

Which is the best fitbit for the money?

Fitbit Versa 2. The best Fitbit for most users, so long as your wrist isn’t too Popeye. … Fitbit Charge 4. The best Fitbit fitness band – has GPS built in. … Fitbit Charge 3. … Fitbit Ionic. … Fitbit Inspire HR. … Fitbit Ace 2. … Fitbit Alta HR. … Fitbit Inspire.More items…•

What is the best fitbit to buy for a woman?

Fitbit VersaFitbit Versa is Fitbit’s most popular smartwatch. With a rose gold watch face option and pink and purple band color options, it’s also one of the best Fitbits to buy for a woman.

Can I buy a Fitbit at Walmart?

Fitbit Inspire, Fitness Tracker – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Which fitbit should I buy 2020?

Which Fitbit Should I Get? – Best Fitbit Guide 2020Display size Measured diagonallyBEST OVERALL FITBIT Fitbit Charge 4BEST CHEAP FITBIT Fitbit InspireBEST FITBIT SMARTWATCH Fitbit Versa 21 inch1.45 inches1.6 inches$149$69$199Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now3 more rows•Aug 10, 2020

blackTechnically all of them are black but there are two different display colors and three band color options. For most people, the best choice is simply Black.

Which is better Fitbit or Garmin watch?

Garmin’s entire range is water resistant and even basic running watches have a pool swimming mode. If you’re into pool sessions, Garmin tends to be more reliable accuracy-wise for longer sessions, more metrics, swimming-focused features. No Fitbits offer open water swim tracking either. If you wanted that.

How much does the cheapest fitbit cost?

Today’s best Fitbit dealsFitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Slate, Small/Large – $75, was $80.Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+ – $88, was $100.Fitbit Versa Lite — $125, was $160.Fitbit Charge 4 Activity Tracker GPS + Heart Rate – $130, was $150.Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition– $200, was $230.More items…•

Which is better Fitbit or Apple Watch?

Fitbit consolidates all this into its main phone app, while the Apple Watch splits this across the Watch app, the Activity app and the Health app on the iPhone. … But the Apple Watch now has better activity tracking features with WatchOS 5, including better tools for runners that may give it an edge over the Fitbit.