Quick Answer: Who Is Moonves Wife?

Did Julie Chen stay with Les Moonves?

When The Talk returned for its ninth season in September, the day after Moonves stepped down from his post as CEO and chairman of CBS in a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations, Chen stayed away—and ultimately never went back..

Is Connie Chen still married?

Chen, now 50, is not only still married to Moonves, but she famously stood by and supported him after the accusations. Days after he was forced out of the company, Chen signed off an episode of Big Brother by saying, “I’m Julie Chen-Moonves. Goodnight,” as a show of solidarity with her husband.

Is Julie Chen back on the talk?

Julie Chen makes it official: She’s off ‘The Talk’ now that her CEO husband is out at CBS. Julie Chen made official what had been reported late Monday: She announced via a pre-taped video Tuesday on “The Talk” that, after nine years as an anchor, she is not coming back to the CBS daytime series.

Who is Julie Chen husband?

Les Moonvesm. 2004Julie Chen/Husband

Is Julie from Big Brother pregnant again?

, are expecting their first child together. The 38-year-old Chen told viewers Tuesday that her due date is Oct. Chen, who also hosts “Big Brother,” says she won’t be taking maternity leave from the CBS reality show. …

What’s Julie Chen doing now?

While Julie Chen may have stepped down from her role as a co-host on “The Talk,” CBS was quick to announce that she would continue to host the popular reality TV series “Big Brother.”

Is Bailey Big Brother pregnant?

Bayleigh Dayton Got Pregnant on ‘Big Brother,’ Reveals She Miscarried in Jury House.

Does Julie Chen have a child?

Charlie MoonvesJulie Chen/Children

What happened Julie Chen 2020?

At the end of 2020, Chen and her husband will celebrate 16 years of marriage together. They were married in Acapulco, Mexico, on December 23, 2004. She was 34 at the time, while he was 55. Reports came out at the time of the allegations that it was possible marrying Chen brought an end to Moonves’ sexual harassment.

Is Julie Chen still with husband?

‘ Her return became the talk of the town as Julie signed off by using her husband’s last name as a sign of support. She said, “I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.” As of today, Julie and Les are still married and live in Beverly Hills, California.

How old is Julie Chen?

50 years (January 6, 1970)Julie Chen/Age

Did Julie Chen get married again?

“Good evening, I’m Julie Chen Moonves,” she greeted viewers on CBS’ Big Brother on Wednesday night, using her married name yet again to show support for the disgraced former CBS chairman and CEO.

Who is Julie Chen sister?

Gladys ChenVicki ChenJulie Chen/Sisters

How tall is Julie Chen?

1.64 mJulie Chen/Height

Are Julie Chen and Les Moonves still married?

She has been the host of the American version of the CBS reality-television program Big Brother since its debut in July 2000 and is the longest-serving host of any country’s version of the show….Julie Chen.Julie Chen MoonvesSpouse(s)Les Moonves ​ ( m. 2004)​Children17 more rows