Quick Answer: Who Won The 1989?

What did Arsenal win in 1989?

Arsenal beat Liverpool 2–0 in the final match of the season to take the title on goals scored, as both clubs shared the same points total and goal difference..

What happened in 1989 in the United States?

January 20 – George H. W. Bush is sworn in as the 41st President of the United States. January 22 – The San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. Serial killer Theodore Bundy is executed in Florida’s electric chair.

Who won the 1990 FA Cup?

Manchester United F.C.1990 FA Cup Final/Champion

What was the score between Liverpool and Arsenal in 1989?

0-2The Games That Defined Modern Football: Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal (1989) Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Liverpool at Anfield on the final day of the 1988-89 season remains the most celebrated game in English football history. Michael Thomas’s 91st-minute goal will never be topped for drama.

How many points did Arsenal get in the Invincibles season?

The Invincibles is the name given to the Arsenal team which won the 2003-04 Premier League. The reason for the nickname is that they went unbeaten in their 38 league matches. They won 26 games and drew 12.

Who won the title in 1989?

Arsenal26 May 1989 – Arsenal win the league title in the final moments of the season thanks to a late goal from Michael Thomas against Liverpool which gives them a 2–0 away win. First Division top scorer Alan Smith had put Arsenal ahead earlier in the second half.

Did Liverpool win the league in 1989?

They finally clinched the league title on 28 April with two games to spare, thanks to a 2–1 home win over QPR, but 8 April saw their “double double” hopes ended in dramatic fashion for the third season running, this time in the shape of an FA Cup semi-final defeat to Crystal Palace (the team they had beaten 9–0 in the …

How old is Arteta?

38 years (March 26, 1982)Mikel Arteta/Age

Who won FA Cup 1988?

Wimbledon F.C.1988 FA Cup Final/Champion

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What war was happening in 1989?

The Gulf War, 1991. At the end of the Iran-Iraq War of 1980–1988, Iraq emerged with its state intact and a reinforced sense of national pride, but laden with massive debts. Iraq had largely financed the war effort through loans, and owed some $37 billion to Gulf creditors in 1990.

Did Liverpool win the league in 1990?

The season had started very well for the Reds, who as defending league champions won their first eight league games, including a 4–0 victory over Manchester United at Anfield, and enjoyed a 15-match unbeaten start in the league. …

Who won FA Cup in 1989?

Liverpool F.C.1988–89 FA Cup/Champion

Who was Arsenal manager in 1989?

George GrahamFor much of the 1988–89 season, Arsenal led the First Division table; their manager George Graham had assembled a side mixed with youth and experience, captained by academy graduate Tony Adams.

Who did Liverpool beat to win the league in 1990?

28 April 1990: Liverpool 2-1 Queens Park Rangers In what was their 28th consecutive season in the top flight, Liverpool lifted the First Division trophy for the 18th time in its history – more than any other side at the time. The Merseyside club however were in a tight title race with Aston Villa.

Why did Kenny Dalglish leave Liverpool?

As the trauma of the Hillsborough disaster and the pressures of managing Liverpool built up, Kenny Dalglish tendered his resignation midway through the 1990/91 campaign. It came out of the blue for Dalglish’s squad, who joined the manager to recount the story.

Where is Unai Emery now?

Villarreal CFmanagerUnai Emery/Current teams

How old is Frank Lampard now?

42 years (June 20, 1978)Frank Lampard/Age

Who won FA Cup 1987?

Coventry City F.C.1987 FA Cup Final/Champion

When did Arsenal win the league at Old Trafford?

8 May 2002On this day – 8 May 2002: Arsenal win title at Man Utd.

Who was born in 1989?

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