What Is The Value Of Cosec 45 Degree?

What is the sin of 45 in radical form?

CardsTerm sin of 60 degreesDefinition radical 3 / 2Term sin of 45 degreesDefinition radical 2 / 2Term cos of 45 degreesDefinition radical 2 / 2Term tan of 45 degreesDefinition 1Term cot of 45 degreesDefinition 141 more rows•Jun 2, 2008.

What is the value of sec90?

For every trigonometric function, there is always an inverse function that works in reverse. These all inverse functions have the name as an arc in starting. The inverse name of sec is arcsec. The value of Secant 90 degree cannot be calculated and is undefined in the trigonometric table.

What does CSC stand for?

CSCAcronymDefinitionCSCContract(ing) Services Company/CorporationCSCCivil Service CommissionCSCCard Security Code (credit cards)CSCCommand Security Corporation (various locations)232 more rows

What is COS 45 in radians?

To convert degrees to radians, multiply by π180° π 180 ° , since a full circle is 360° or 2π radians. The exact value of cos(45) is √22 .

What is Cosec 45?

cosec 45° = 1 / sin 45° = 1/(1/√2) = √2. cosec 60° = 1 / sin 60° = 1/(√3/2) = 2/√3.

What is the value of CSC?

In a right triangle, the cosecant of an angle is the length of the hypotenuse divided by the length of the opposite side….The inverse cosecant function – arccsc.csc 30 = 2.000Means: The cosecant of 30 degrees is 2.000arccsc 2.0 = 30Means: The angle whose cosecant is 2.0 is 30 degrees.

Why TAN 90 is infinity?

the tangent of 90 degrees is equal to length of opposite side divided by length of adjacent side which would become length of the hypotenuse divided by 0 which is undefined. the infinity measurement expresses the fact that the tangent is undefined at 90 degrees.

How do you find the exact value of cos 45?

The exact value of cos(45°) is √(2) / 2. If an angle in a right triangle has measure α, then the cosine of that angle, or…

What is the cot of 60 degrees?

Explanation: cot(60°)=cot(π3) .

What is the value of Cosec 0 degree?

The value of cosec at 0° is the reciprocal of sin at 0°.

How do you find cosine of 0?

2 Answers. In terms of the right triangles used to define trigonometric functions, cos(x)=adjacent sidehypotenuse . When x=0 , adjacent side length=hypotenuse length . Therefore, cos(0)=1 .

What CSC 90?

You only need to apply the definition: the cosecant of an angle x is defined as 1sin(x) . Since sin(90)=1 , then csc(90)=1sin(90)=11=1 .

What is the COT of 30?

Trigonometry Examples The exact value of cot(30°) cot ( 30 ° ) is √3 .

What is the value of Cosec 180 degree?

Cosine Pi Value Derivation: Method 2 The value of sin 90 degree is 1. Therefore, the value of cos 180° is -1. The value of trigonometric ratios for different angles are given for the reference.

What is the exact value of CSC 90?

1The exact value of csc(90°) csc ( 90 ° ) is 1 .

What is the sin of 30 in degrees?

The value of sin 30 degrees is 0.5. Sin 30 is also written as sin π/6, in radians. The trigonometric function also called as an angle function relates the angles of a triangle to the length of its sides.

Why is the sin of 90 degrees 1?

Sine of an angle is defined by the ratio of the length of a side of the right angled triangle opposite to the angle, to the length of the hypotenuse of the right angled triangle. … Hence sin(90°) = 1.

How do you find the value of CSC?

Apply the reference angle by finding the angle with equivalent trig values in the first quadrant. The exact value of csc(60) is 2√3 . Multiply 2√3 by √3√3 .

How do you find CSC 45 degrees?

1 Answercsc45=1sin45.Trig conversion table gives -> sin45=√22.Therefor csc45=2√2=√2.

What is the value of sin Square 45?

The value of sin square 45 degree + cos square 45 is equal to 1. According to the sine curve, the value of sine ranges from -1 to +1. And the value of sin 45 degree is 1 / . Similarly, the value of cosine ranges from -1 to +1 which is evident from the cosine curve.

What is the exact value of CSC 45?

Trigonometry Examples The exact value of csc(45°) csc ( 45 ° ) is √2 .