What’S Happening With GCSEs 2021?

What will happen to GCSEs in 2021?

Ofqual has not made a final decision on the timetable for 2021, and is still drawing up contingency plans for next summer’s exams.

Ofqual has said a decision on if and when next year’s GCSE and A-level exams will go ahead is weeks away – and has floated the idea of online tests if necessary..

What dates are GCSEs 2021?

Results day for English Language, Functional Skills, AQA Certificate and Level 3 Extended Project will be 14 January 2021. Results day for all other GCSE exams will be Thursday 11 February 2021.

Will GCSE results day be postponed?

As things stand, GCSE results day is still expected to go ahead on Thursday 20 August, but the DfE could not confirm at this stage whether there may be a delay. The DfE said it was seeking to ensure “fairness” in the results and appeals system.

Will GCSE go ahead in 2021?

STUDENTS will sit their GCSEs and A-Levels next year as planned, Gavin Williamson said today. The Education Secretary confirmed that exams will go back to normal by summer 2021.

What month are a level exams?

The 2020 A-level exam period would have ran from Monday 11 May until Wednesday 26 June. If you are unhappy with your grade, you have the opportunity to appeal in August.

Can you appeal GCSE results 2020?

Even now that system has been changed, it is still possible to appeal your grades. You can ask your school to request a review, or you can ask your school to make an appeal to Ofqual. If you asked for a qualification result to be reviewed and you’re not happy with the decision, you can appeal to Ofqual.

Will 2021 GCSEs be Cancelled?

An Ofqual spokeswoman said: “There are no plans to cancel either GCSEs or A-levels in 2021. There are also currently no plans to curtail programmes of study. “But we keep all plans constantly under review because the progress of the pandemic is uncertain.”

Will A levels happen in 2021?

England’s exams regulator, Ofqual, published the outcome of its consultation on how GCSEs and A-levels will be assessed in 2021, and despite widespread objections by teaching unions to earlier proposals, they say it remains “business as usual” with content largely unchanged.

What will happen to next year’s GCSE?

This year’s summer exams had to be cancelled as a result of the lockdown. … Instead of sitting their papers, pupils will have their grades awarded by a combination of teacher assessment, class ranking and the past performance of their schools.

Are GCSEs being delayed?

Labour is calling for next year’s GCSEs and A-Levels to be delayed in order to help pupils cope with the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Kate Green, the shadow education secretary, said the two sets of exams should be pushed back by at least a month and begin in June rather than May.